Algebraic Expressions

An algebraic expression is any grouping of numbers, variables or operations. Numbers, variables and constants, such as pi or ╥, are also referred to as algebraic terms. Below are some examples of algebraic expressions:

2n + 4

The first term is 2n, the second term is 4.

a  –  2b

The first term is a, the second term is 2b.

There is no way to determine the value of the above expressions, since we don’t know what n is in example one or what a or b are in example 2.  We could only determine a value for the expression after values for the variables are given.

For example:

Evaluate 2n + 4 when n is 9.

To solve all you do is replace n with 9.

2 x 9 + 4 = 22

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  • monie

    where do u come up with 9

    • Ms.G

      their telling you that n represents 9 ,2(9)+4= 22

    • Kristine

      9 is in the equation before even solving. Beacause the problem says that 2n+4 and substitute n= 9 so therefore you do 2*9+4= we automatically know that 2*9=18 and then we add that to 4 and then you end up with 22 so n= 22

  • monie


  • macpati

    haha yeah!! How do you get 9??

  • victoria

    The 9 is being used as an example. Basically, here the writer is simply “re-writing” the math problem and adding a 9 into the equation. They did not get the 9 from working the original problem. Hope this helps 🙂

  • Jesse

    Actually the correct answer is 9. 2 x 9 is 18, add 4 and you get 22.

    • Catresha

      That is so correct ,because you always do whats in the parenthesis first. Tip: Anyone that needs help in this area can study the PEMDAS section (order of operations) ,just seen this,i would of been given you guys the info,but working on some of the math areas myself also. Hope this helps 🙂

    • Catresha

      Parenthesis -Exponents-Multiplication-Division-Addition-Subtraction / These are the PEMDAS (order of operations)

      • andrea

        I always remember “Please excuse my dear aunt Sally” it helps me..

        • Audrea

          Yeah please excuse my dear aunt sally was the one I remembered:)

          • Lloyd Calvin Grant Jr

            Simply they just picked any Random Number they just decided on 9 @ their decision !Ll

  • ashlee

    heyyyy i cant do division worth shitt!!!!

  • Chance

    Thought this was great.

  • Andrew

    i need help passing the math GED

  • lady j

    Omg I need help take the test 12/30\13 400 last 3 times. please

  • Terrence Linder

    I’m bad at math! Need help bad!

  • BJ

    Have any of you people studied ENGLISH???

  • Brandon Dailey

    Help? Please? I’ve taken the ged math portion like 3 times at this point, and I fail by like 3 points. I need some serious help insuring that I can pass this time! PLEASE!

    • Paul

      Have you passed?

  • Jay

    Online Tutoring – 20 $ per hour contact – Math major

    n=9 was picked randomly. That’s where the 9 came from. The author just made it up, and subsituted into the equation.
    N= any number, in this specific case n=9 because the author said so

  • Cutto

    Can I have help?

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