Basic Operations

To do well on the GED math test you need to have strong grasp on basic mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and how numbers work.


Each number digit has ten values (0-9). Each digit is ten times as great as the digit immediately to its right, for example 30, where a three is the second digit, is ten times as great as 3. Each digit has a name. The first digit is called ones, the second, tens, the third, hundreds, and so on. Here is the number 35,184,981,694 with the each digit above the name of that digit. Commas are placed between each group of three digits.

The way you would say this number is “thirty-five billion, one hundred eighty-four million, nine hundred eighty-one thousand, six hundred ninety-four.”

More about basic operations and number sense:
Negative Numbers and Absolute Values
Word Problems and Basic Operations
Square Roots
Order of Operations
Mean, Median and Mode

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  • kristen

    Need help examples to pass math part of my ged passed the whole ged except for math i only have a month to pass&2more trys…examples that i could write down&practice&how to do it be awesome???

  • india

    I also passed all my parts except for the math ged. i need help. please help me..

    • Seina

      I did not pass anypart which site will help me pass the ged.

      • Denise

        im not sure of any good sites but i did purchase GED for Dummies and did ok on all the subjects except for math 🙁 i believe the dummies book are on line thru youtube, just look up ged for dummies and it should have what u need. good luck!!

  • Lenier

    I have passed the whole GED test and I have taken the math twice and made 400 each time; in my state you need an 410 to pass. So I figure your site can help me so I can move forward towards my goals in my life. I really need help .

    • Denise

      I have takin the math portion 4 times now n im still struggling. same here that u need a 410. if i cant pass the math by the end of the year i will have to retake the entire ged test bcuz everything is going to be done on computer n they wont transfer scores n im not wanting to do that. i had to hire a tutor bcuz i tried every math help site on line. i am going to try this site again while tutoring. good luck!

  • samique

    im really happy i passed ma math with a 450 n failed 400

  • Cherish

    I passed every part of the GED but the math I need help I don’t know what I’m doing wrong! Please help me

  • buddah

    this doesnt help me i want to do math problems for the g.e.d i attend classes that teaches me highschool all over again i would like more math problems to help me train my brain on gettin every single one correct kay thanks… make your website better your loosing people

  • Daphne Gumbs

    I have pass every other part of the ged exam except for math i only have two more tries to go before they change the exam rules please help me

  • tina

    hi, i really need help!! i passed everything but the math and im having a heck of a time! please help, i need a good job:)

  • Amanda Pope

    I have passed every part of my ged exam except for my math. I only missed passing by 2 questions. I am scheduled to take the test this June 12th and after this time I don’t want to take it again. This is VERY important to me. I am a mother of 2 and would like a career for myself. Can you please help in any way. Thanks!!

  • Chang


    Recently I took the pre-ged test and it ask some questions that is related to your everyday life, such as, how much gas do you need if you go 3 miles? I can’t understand those questions. Can you help me?

  • Dfavors

    Wouod anyone like to link up threw email and discuss well study the ged test I’m trying to tske it for the third time before september I also have passed everything except math thankyou

    • jeff

      Did you end up passing the math part?I’m having a really hard time.Any help,or tips would be greatly appreciated.

  • Courtney

    Hi Amber I think that would be a good idea to have like a study group through email, I have also passed everything on the pre GED except the math part

  • Chloe

    I have passed the 4 other GED tests, I have enough points already to get my certificate but I can’t until pass the math! The first time I took the math, I scored 380. And then, 390. In my state you can only retake a test 3 times and then you have to wait until next year and retake all of them! I only have one more strike left…………..running out of time.

  • Catresha P.

    Need to pass the math & science parts of the test! Help! Please!

  • anj

    can anyone please throw out a website with step by step and examples
    just need the math part of this…..:(

    • Denise

      no offense to this site but i did find a site that was helpful with different parts of math. altho i still had to hire a tutor, it helped me a lil bit, maybe itll help u more. its call
      good luck!

  • Mz_Blake

    I just wanted to comment and say Thank You!!!!!!….I had only math to complete and only needed a score of 410…I used this site to study from for a month…took my test yesterday morning and I passed with a 420!!!…This site breaks it down and makes learning math look easy…& to the ones who say “you suck in math and don’t understand it…I said the same thing and felt completely dumb when it came to math…But you can do it

    • Ziyi

      Oh yeah, I love to hear that! Thanks for sharing and for your words of encouragement!

      • Catresha P.

        Hey Ziyi’ cant seem to get to 410 ! I dont know what I,m not seeing on this test! Took it a couple hours ago got 370,but my high score is 390 . Still have not made it to 410 ?????!!!!!!! I really dont know what else to do. I,m the type that cant mark anything ,but I see it leaves me no other choice :0(

        • Ziyi

          Maybe if you take a practice test and see what you should focus on? Here are a few things that I have noticed some students have trouble on but will almost definitely be on the test: working with percents, knowing when and how to set up and solve proportions (e.g. 3/9 = 12/x), and working with triangle properties.

          • Catresha P.

            Your correct on those parts of the math,but I had a problem like this:2x + 36n =12x . I think this is how it was written out?? I dont know if its PEMDAS or BEDMAS?? But solving for n&x are a big problem for me!Had I got those 4 probs correct I would of gotten atleast the 410 ! Please help ! Monday is registration!

          • Catresha P.

            Oh & did I mention that one of my problems had all 4 answers incorrect in the multiple choice!!! Uhhhh!!!! & you know I need to get at least 35 of the problems correct ! Also there was a calm in the waitingroom&classroom everybody shaking&nervous! Never seen anything like it before!

  • Charlene

    I also only have the math to pass and continue having test anxiety which causes me trouble comprehending the math problems. I also live in a state that require a 410. I am hating they will not transfer our scores this just causes more frustration for those that may have to retake everything after passing most of the test. I have been also having trouble finding a math pretest that is even close to anything i have seen on the ged math test which i have taken two.

  • Shauma Gauna


  • rachael

    Thanks for the simple review, it was helpful.

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  • Books. On various math subjects! Study! Done deal

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