Changing Percents to Fractions and Fractions to Percents

Changing Percents to Fractions

When changing a percent to a fraction all you need to do is drop the %, put the number in the numerator and 100 in the denominator. Reduce when possible.

If the percent you are reducing is 100% or greater, you need to put 1000 in the denominator. If it’s 1,000% percent in the numerator you need 10000 in the denominator, and so on.

Changing Fractions to Percents

To convert a fraction to a percent you must first convert the fraction to a decimal then move the decimal two digits to the right and add a %.

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  • Desiree

    You should have broken down the first example to because I really dont understand how you got the first answer

    • Bobby

      62% is equal to 62/100 and 62/100 is equal to 31/50 now how did i got 31/50? you have to reduced

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