Comparing and Ordering Fractions, Decimals and Percents

There may be questions on the GED math test that require you to compare or order numbers in two or three different formats (fraction, decimal or percent). The trick here is to convert them all to the same format, then it will be easy to compare them.

For example, if you were told that Shauna collected 75% of a bucket of strawberries, Jackson collected 4/5 of a bucket and Tina collected 0.3 buckets and that you had to put them in order from least to greatest, how would you solve?

To be able to compare them, convert all to decimals (you could convert them into whatever format you’re most comfortable).

The correct order is

.30, .75, .8


So the answer is:

Tina, Shauna, Jackson

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  • Jordan

    Sorry but I need to know how to do problems like 1 3/8, 1.3, and 1 4/9 in fraction form

    • Todd

      You would change those into improper fractions

      • Delores

        you would change them into improper fractions then what.

        • Ziyi

          Then you can see their order more clearly. Just put everything into one kind of number, fractions, decimals, percents, and it’s easy to put them in order.

    • Ziyi

      I would change those all to decimals. 1 3/8 = 1.(3÷8)= 1.375
      1 4/9 = 1.(4÷9) = 1.44

      So the order is 1.3 1.375 1.44

    • guilaumefabrice

      this is very helpful ilove it

  • Cindy

    Is .30,.75,.8 Least to gratest?

    • Ziyi

      Yep. It might make it clearer if you make them all have the same number of digits and just get rid of the decimal point.

      .8 = .80

      So it’s clear:

      75 is bigger than 30 and 80 is bigger than 75.

  • Mia

    I need to more problems I need mor to study

  • sara

    how would i change 4/8 to a decimal then to a percent also how would you do this problem fraction_______decimal.55 to a percent_________

  • Anfionette Smith

    You don’t give out math problems .just break down and explain and that it.

  • katie

    this is the worst math website i have ever seen in all my teaching years

  • Greenlee

    Where the person who is going to help us.

  • Greenlee

    I never said that

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