Converting Units

To answer some questions on the GED math test you will have to convert some measurements between units. For example, if the units in the question are feet but you need to answer in inches, you need to know how to convert feet to inches. On the other hand, if you need to answer in yard, you need to know how to convert feet to yards.

When converting from a larger unit to a smaller unit (for example, feet to inches) you need to multiply by the conversion factor. The conversion factor is the amount by which one unit is greater than another. Since there are 12 inches in a foot, then the conversion factor is 12. So if you need to convert 5 feet to inches in order to arrive at the correct answer you multiply 5 times 12.

When converting from a smaller unit to a larger unit (for example, feet to yards) you need to divide by the conversion factor. What is the conversion factor when converting from feet to yard or yards to feet? The answer is 3 since there are three feet in a yard. So if you need to convert 9 feet to yards, you divide 9 by 3. 9 feet = 3 yards.

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  • lisa ferrill

    don’t u do any test or questions on this page?

  • Katrina

    Do u have n e thing to wrk on to help out more on this??? I am still not sure about this and would like more with examples as well. Thank you

  • Lydia

    Utube can help you with the math part of the GED

  • nailah

    im still a lil confused

  • Jane King

    I teach GED at Victoria College in Victoria, TX

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