Coordinate Grids

There will likely be several questions on the GED math test that evaluate your understanding of how to read, understand, and plot things on a coordinate plane such as this:

You’ll notice that the numbers count positively to the right and negatively to the left starting from 0, and positively up and negatively down, also starting at 0. When you move from left to right on a coordinate plane that is said to be along the horizontal x-axis, and when you move vertically, or up and down, that is along the y-axis.

A point on a graph, such as this one


is referred to by an ordered pair, which are two numbers that define the location of the point, in this example (2,3). An ordered pair is in parentheses and the first number refers to the x-axis (horizontal) location while the second refers to the y-axis (vertical) location. The 2 in the (2,3) means that the point is 2 spaces to the right of the middle because the x refers to horizontal movement and it does not move to the left because it is a positive 2 and not a negative 2. The 3 in the (2,3) means the point is 3 spaces up from the middle line because movement along the y plane is vertical and here it is up and not down since it is a positive 3 rather than a negative 3.

Visualizing Points on the Coordinate Grid


It is usually helpful to draw a graph when you are being asked a question on the test that involves the coordinate grid. However, if you are confident doing this you can save time by skipping this step. See the video below for an example of what I mean.

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