Dividing Decimals

Decimal in Dividend

If the decimal is in the dividend (the number you are dividing into) all you need to do is divide like normal and bring the decimal straight up.

Example question:

What is 25.3 divided by 7? Round your answer to the nearest hundredth.

Decimal in Divisor

If the decimal is in the divisor (the number you are dividing by), you need to do something a little bit different.

Let’s say you are asked to divide 54.9 by 2.47 and round your answer to the nearest hundredth. First set up the problem as you would normally.

Next you need to move the decimal points over however many spaces are behind the decimal in the divisor. 2.47 is the divisor so there are two digits behind the decimal, 4 and 7, so move both decimals over two spaces. Since 54.9 only has one space to the right of the decimal, just add a zero.

This makes sense since it’s easier to not deal with the decimal, and increasing the value of the numbers in a division problem won’t change the answer as long as you increase them both equally. Now the problem should look like this:

Just solve it as you would normally.

22.226 rounded to the nearest hundredth is 22.23, so the answer is 22.23.

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  • alisha

    hey i don’t understand how to slove the decimal in the divisor part…i tried sloving like i normally would but not getting your answer!

  • Ross

    I Don’t fully get that last equation either. Could you simplify please? It’d be much appreciated. Love the sight by the way, kudos!!

    • Lou

      Start by moving the decimal point in the no. you’re dividing by (the divisor) all the way to the right. Then move the decimal in the number you’re dividing into the same no. of places to the right, adding one or more zeroes if you need to. The decimal point in the answer goes right above the decimal point in the number you’re dividing into after you have moved it. Hope this helps

      • Jahmeera

        So basically you just keep it in the same place that the divisor had it ?

  • cassandra

    I am lost i don’t understand the last part. I have tried to redo you problem and I am not coming up any where near the same. please help thank you.

  • Devone

    i dont understand the division part either

  • fabian

    I do not fully unerstand either :/ anyway it could be more simple?

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