Division is the most complicated of the four operations. When two numbers should be divided can be signaled in a number of ways.

For example 161 divided by 7 can look like

161 รท 7



The setup you use when you go to solve a division problem is the second one.

The number that is being dividing into is the number under the line, also called the dividend. So you want to see how many times 7, the number you are dividing by, or the divisor, will go into 161.

The first thing you do is look at the first number of the dividend, 1. Ask yourself how many times 7 will go into 1. The answer is, of course, none. Now you need a larger number so you group the first two numbers of the divisor together, 16. How many times will 7 fit into 16?

The answer is 2 so you put a 2 above the digit farthest to the right you were dividing into, 6. This will be necessary in case the divisor does not go into the dividend evenly and you need to use decimals.

Now you need to multiply 7 by the number of times it went into 16, 2, and subtract that number from 16.

Now you bring down the 1.

How many times does 7 go into 21? Put three above the line after the 2. Then multiply 3 by 7 and put that number under the 21.

Now subtract 21 from 21.

Zero. You’re done. 161 divided by 7 is 23.

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  • bryan

    what about if the dividend is smaller than the devisor??

    • Ziyi

      Then you add a decimal and however many zeros you need to make the dividend have as many digits as the divisor. Then divide as above. When you’re done dividing just be sure to move the decimal straight up to your answer.

  • baldomaire max

    I’d like to say that is the best program i ever worked on…

  • iyanna

    What do you do if the divisor doesn’t go into the number evenly the second time.

  • larrywallace

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  • Jozi

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  • Debra

    Also coolmath4kids.com is good site as well.

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