• nancy

    thank you so much this is helping me to understand the ged math so much bette,r this brakes it down so i can understand it so much better! thank you and bleesings.

  • tatyana

    this is a very informative website but i think it would be better if you guys had practice questions along with the lessons that you guys have on your website.

    • stephanie

      yes i do agree, this is a great website & practice questions would really make it even better 🙂

  • charlene

    how do you add angles ?

  • CatreshaP

    Hi 🙂 just got my score back!!!:):):) I passed the science section of the GED !!! Thanks to you ,& students out there for your unlimited encouragement !!!

    • Ziyi

      Awesome, thanks for letting us know, congratulations!

      • CatreshaP

        Thanks soooooo very much : 0) ,&will keep you all posted !!!

  • Jean Mason


    • CatreshaP

      Hey 🙂 I have a book you can take a look at also : Math Sense(the purple book) by New Readers Press ,on decimals,fractions,ratios,&percents. Very helpful (casio fx-260) is the calculator you,ll need for the GED math,&the book gives great examples also,but start from the first page,great book for studying,for the test. Also when you get the calculator dont throw the package away(the directions) on how to use it should be of help also.

  • bailee

    You are literally a lifesaver! I am taking the math part of my GED tomorrow, I was doubting myself but now I am feeling confident! Thank you so much!!!!

  • Instructor Norton

    Please add a page of shapes. I have students who do not know what a trapezoid is, for instance.

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