In some algebra related questions on the GED math test you might see a < or > or even a ≤ or ≥ instead of a =. All this means is that in an expression that uses these signs terms are not equal to each other but rather unequal (or in some cases unequal or equal). Here are what the unequal signs stand for:

Solving an inequality is just like solving an equation: isolate the variable to the left side of the sign.

n is greater than 9.

There is one difference you need to be careful about when working with inequalities. When you multiply or divide both sides by a negative you need to switch the direction of the sign around. For example “>” will be flipped around to become “<“.


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  • Deedra

    I was wanting to know if you could send me a practice test for the GED Math Test I’m going to take it in a couple days and I want something to refresh my memory and to see what I know.

  • antwon

    i was wondring if you could do the same for me or just give me a website to go to for a practice test for the ged i just want to see how well i do on my math since thas the only trouble i seem to be having if so thank you

    • Ryan

      You can go on Google and type in free GED online practice test…and you can take all of the courses. And the website is called

  • Ruth

    Please can you send me a practice test as well? Please!

  • Shelby Lynn Johns

    could you send me some practice tests please i have taken the math section twice and failed did even worse the second time that would really help me i would truly appreciate so i can finally move on with my life thank you!

  • nena

    can you send me a practice test as well so i can sort out my strengths and weaknesses please and thank you!

  • Deborah

    Can you also send me some practice of the math for the GED and will the practice test that you send be like the real GED.I would like to take it to see what I have learned and then I can tell what I have to work on cause I will be taking the test in a few weeks.
    Thank you

  • Megan Trotter

    lol I know alot of people have asked you for it but can I also Get a test I wnt to make sure I am ready to tke this test for real 🙂 Thnk you soooo much <3


    I thought there was an online tutor. Thats why I came on this website

  • nahum

    Please, send me a practice test, too. I want to see how well I can do it. Thanks. Aaaa!!! And thanks so much for posting these great math problems, you are very good at teaching; indeed, I regard and admire your site.

  • Katrina Rucker

    Can you plz send me a practice test as well….and some worksheets. This will surly help when I go take the test is just 4 days

  • teresa schoolfield

    how did you get the 21 in this problem.

    • Ziyi

      I just made it up to use as an example. You could use any number. For example if we used 22 instead of 21 then the answer would be n is less than or equal to 198, since 22 times 9 is 198.

  • anne

    I think your 2nd example has an error as there is no negative number in it and no reason to reverse the inequlity sign. Shouldn’t the answer be that n is > or equal to 189? I think the example would need a (-)# in it. Your site is really helpful. Thanks.

    • Ziyi

      You’re right, sorry for any confusion that caused. Thanks for letting me know and I’ll fix it now!

  • Verna

    Hi can you send me some practice test please,I will like to take the GED soon and passing is my goal with your help of course.Thank you very much.

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