Line Graphs

Line graphs are most often used to show how certain values change over time or change in relation to another value. The value whose change the graph is illustrating is the vertical value, which is labeled to the right of the graph. The bottom line often represents the time period during which that the change is taking place.

As an example, the line graph to the right shows how the federal minimum wage has changed from 1940 to 2000. To find out how much the minimum wage was in a certain year, you just find that year on the graph and go straight up until you run into that blue line. From where you run into the blue line, look straight to the right or left and that’s what the minimum wage was that year.

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  • zahidul Islam

    hi how are you. I need a Understand the about line graphs and bar graphs.

  • Catresha P.

    Hi : 0) ‘ was wondering if you could send me some examples on the PlaneGrid questions of the test.I always have problems in that area. Thanks,

  • Anonymous

    i hope you can help me with my negative to posiive numbers on a line graph.

  • shania harris

    i was wordering if u can help me understand line graphs with negotive and positive numbers i do not know how to put it in order

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