The first thing to do when multiplying two numbers is to line them up with the larger number on top. Let’s say you need to multiply 54 by 478 to arrive at an answer for the GED math test. Since 478 is larger put that number on top.

Now you multiply. You need to multiply every digit in one number with every digit in the other number. The way to do this is to start with the last digit in the smaller number multiplied by the last digit in the larger number, so 4 times 8.

4 times 8 is 32. You take the second digit of 32, which is 2, and put that as the first number under the line. Carry over the second digit, 3, to the next column.

Now you multiply 4 by 7.

Four times seven is 28. Now what you do with that 3 you carried over is add it to 28. Now you have 31. Put the 1 down and carry over the 3.

Now four times four, then you add the three. There’s no where else to carry over, so just write the whole number down. 4 times 4 is 16, plus 3 is 19.

Now you move to the second line. This time you multiply every digit in the top number by the 5. Be careful though, the first thing you need to do is put in a zero, since you multiplying in the tens column now. You won’t multiply in the hundreds, since 54 only has two digits, but if you were, you would put two zeros when you got to the third line, and so on.

Now you can start multiplying. Start with 5 times 8.

5 times 8 is 40, so you put the 0 down and carry over the 4 as earlier.

Now multiply the 5 by the 7, adding up and carrying over when necessary. Then do the 4.

Now there is one more step to do. You need to add up the numbers below the line to get the final answer.

So 478 times 54 is 25,812. The result you get when you multiply two numbers together is called the product. 25,812 is the product of 478 and 52.

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