Negative Numbers and Absolute Values

Negative Numbers

Numbers less than zero are negative numbers. They are represented by putting a “-” in front of a number that represents how much less than zero that number is. For example negative five is -5. Positive numbers (these is the kind of number we use most in our daily lives) normally don’t have anything in front of them, but might have a +.

When you do an operation with a negative, it will sometimes make the result different than if you were doing the operation with two positive numbers. For example, if you multiply a negative number by a positive number, the result will always be negative. The table below explains what the result will be for each operation.

Double Signs

You might encounter two signs in front of a number, for example +(+7) or +(-4). You should simplify these down to one sign. The way to do that is if the signs are the same, make it positive, if different, make it negative.

-(-8) becomes 8 or +8

+(-4) becomes -4

Absolute Values

There might be a question on the GED math test that evaluates your understanding of absolute values. Absolute values are numbers between upright lines (||) and are simply the distance from zero of a number. For example the absolute value of seven, which looks like |7|, is seven. The absolute value of |-7| is also seven.

|187| = 187

|-2964| = 2964

The absolute value of zero is zero.

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  • Tiffany N. Toth

    Are positive and negative numbers usually used in Algebra operations? Are there other operations that they could be used in/for?

    • Ziyi

      Yes, both kinds of numbers are used in all sections of the GED math test.

      In some situations you never use negative numbers, such as absolute values and when answering a question that involves finding a difference between two numbers (subtraction).

  • farnaz

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  • Rebeca

    First of all, thank you so much for doing all this! It really helps and makes things seem really simple. I’m using this site and Khan Academy to help me with the GED.

    Also, is everything that we need to know for the test here? I know that you need to know how to solve statistics and probability problems, but I don’t see them here. Unless you used another name for it. If so, please let me know. I’d like to take a look. 🙂

    Thanks again!!

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