Overview of the GED math calculator

Before taking the first part of the GED math test, the test administrators will issue you a Casio fx-260 calculator and allow you a few minutes to test and get used to it. However, using this calculator even before that when you are studying for the test and taking practice GED math test will give you a greater edge. You will already know the locations of all the keys that you will need and how to use them. Remember, though, that for half of the test you will not be able to use a calculator, so try not to become too dependent on it by making sure that everything you can do on the calculator you can still also do by hand.

This is what the calculator looks like:

ged math calculator

You don’t need to worry about many of the keys on this calculator. The keys that you should be familiar with (besides the basic keys that are self-explanatory) are explained in the image below:

ged calculator useful keys

Using this calculator is pretty straightforward and after playing around with it for a little bit you should be able to do everything you will need to on the GED math test. Some of the functions you might be less familiar with on this calculator are explained below.


Push the fraction key ged calculator fraction key before every number that is part of a fraction.

Example question:

A crew of painters can paint an entire apartment in 4 ½ hours. How much of the apartment can they paint in 2 ½ hours?


Since you want to know what percent 2 ½ is of 4 ½ you divide 2 ½ by 4 ½, so on the calculator you enter:

ged calculator 2 key ged calculator fraction key ged calculator 1 key ged calculator fraction key ged calculator 2 key ged divide key ged calculator 4 key ged calculator fraction key ged calculator 1 key ged calculator fraction key ged calculator 2 key ged calculator equals key

You should get 5/9 and on your calculator display it will look like this: ged calculator fraction


Push open parentheses ged calculator before the numbers in parentheses and close parentheses ged calculator after the numbers in parenthesis.

Example question:

Find:  41(124 ÷ 4) – 21

On the calculator enter:

ged calculator 4 key ged calculator 1 key times key ged calculator open parentheses ged calculator ged calculator 1 key ged calculator 2 key ged calculator 4 key ged divide key ged calculator 4 key close parentheses ged calculator minus key ged calculator ged calculator 2 key ged calculator 1 key

You should get 1250.


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  • Dena

    I really need to know where I can go to get this kind of help. I am in a night ged class 2 nights a week and you do it your self. there is no teach to it. I live in North Little Rock Ar

  • nanzina

    Hi, and thank you for showing me an easier way on how to undertstand the ged math, alls i need to pass is the math part i have failed it twice now, and im hoping to pass it this time around, there saying i need to stay more focused on the calculator, what do you think is the most important thing to know on the calculator so that i can pass my test,, thank you so much for all you help your the best! blessing to you. Nanzina.

    • Ziyi

      Hi, I would focus on knowing how to use the square, square root, fraction, parentheses, and positive/negative functions of the calculator. Good luck!

  • simone

    Hopingthis will help it I to have taken test and passsed everything but the math twice hoping i can get something out of this so i can test agin and hope fully pass

  • Pastor Joyce A Price

    Thank you for the information, I will be taking my GED test by September and Math will be one of them, I have pass my reading test in 2006. Now I have 4 more tests to go and I believe I will pass my GED test, by the help of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thanks again.

  • Catresha P.

    Thanks for showing;demonstrating the usage& instuctional functions of the Casio fx-260 solar: 0) # very helpful !

  • Anonymous

    i take the final and last test of 2013 wish me luck

  • Debra

    Don’t understand why they are making it so hard. People can’t get jobs with out the GED and they don’t have the money to keep paying for tests they didn’t pass or the time to do this I have been working on a GED for years. Then just to go back and have to start all over again. And you go to a room to get help and they can’t even do the Math there self the ones that are there to help you out. And they say oh do the other tests and pass and then you’ll feel good about passing. Look if I can’t pass the Math this time I’m not wasting my time. I have already passed the other test before. Something needs to change. They need who ever are in the Class rooms to help you know Math and how to use the Calculator. Now they are using a different one. More and more of us are dropping out and it not all on us. All they care about is getting there grants and the teacher just sit around texting on there phone and playing on there tablets. I’m not a young person I’m 54 my teacher is 25 yrs old and has real care weather anyone passes or not. So I quit I will study on my own at home and save gas and time.

  • Jim

    Thank you for your site. I have passed all the GED tests the first time around but the math. The same as the others have posted above. I hope I can pass it this second attempt!

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