Square Roots

The square root sign looks like a big check mark with a line on it.

The square root of a number is what number when multiplied by itself will give you the original number. For example, if you need to find the square root of 81 or

you need to ask yourself “what times itself is 81?” Of course the answer is 9.

√81 = 9

Sometimes the number will be too large to know off hand and you will have to guess. For example

Just start guessing, going up or down, until you get to the right number.

15 x 15 = 225

No, too low.

20 x 20 = 400

No, too high, but close.

19 x 19 =361


If you are on the part of the test where you have access to a calculator, just use the square root key. So just punch in the number whose square root you’re trying to find, like 361, hit

then hit



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  • Tiffany N. Toth

    Wow. This is incredibly easy. Much better than how my teachers explained it!

    • Brian

      I know, right? I have been out of the game for a long time, and have always hated math. What my teachers drug out and made mind numbingly boring, she managed to sum up in a few short paragraphs.

  • Elizabeth Romo

    This website is encredibly awesome , it makes everything so easy.Thanks so much.

  • nancy

    Thank so much! this sight is the best yet! out of all the learnig stuff out there this is the best! thanks so much, this is so helpful, this goes into more details blesssing to you…

  • maria

    Wow! you see just tell me how to use the calculator 🙂
    great insides.

  • Karen Ashby

    I don’t have shift on my calculator. Where is it?

    • Paula

      Do you have a 2nd button if so hit it then the x2 button!

  • nicol

    Thanks for making it easy to learn how to use the calculator.

  • Jessica

    Ok. So when I go through the chapter on square roots, everything makes sense. I understand the trouble shooting of finding the perfect square closest to your number. But, what I do not understand is how to write it. When I read the information in the book they seem to jump from solving it, then act like you should automatically know how to write it. The way they want it written in the answer makes no sense. They want it written as x times the square root of y. How do I know which number goes in front of the radical and which go under? All the times I’ve solved them I haven’t been able to write them out properly. I realize this may make zero sense because I cant show you an example of what I don’t understand. But I thought I would throw a line.

  • Iva Robertson

    I’m glad I found this site it has help me a lot.

  • adriana

    thanks this is so helpful i suck at math so bad this made it look so simple thanxs

  • Gladys

    Wright! I also hate math until now .. Thanks.

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