Tips on Working with Fractions on the GED Math Test

Part-to-Whole Relationship

When questions on the GED math test evaluate your understanding of part-to-whole relationships, the answer you need to provide will often be a fraction. The “part” will be in the numerator and the “whole” will be in the denominator. For example a question might ask:

There will be 54 people at Juanita’s party. 27 like to drink beer, 13 like to drink wine and the rest like to drink mixed drinks. What fraction like mixed drinks?

27 + 13 = 40

54 – 40 = 14

This is also useful to remember when converting units of measurement, such as time, length and weight. For example if you were asked how many feet 8 inches is:


Fractions are sometimes used to express the probability of something happening. For example, you could write the probability of tails coming up when you flip a coin as

Remembering that the number of possibilities you are interested in is in the numerator and the total number of possibilities is in the denominator could definitely come in handy on some of the GED math questions.




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