Word Problems and Basic Operations

Since almost every question on the GED math test will be a word problem you should be aware of certain terms that clue you in on which of the four basic operations to use. The table below contains some of those words, as well as typical scenarios when you would use each operation.

Also be aware that some problems will require you to do two or more different operations before you can arrive at the answer. For example, you might need to add some numbers together and then multiply that sum by another number.

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  • Johmanda Taylor

    I wanna pass

  • Joyce Wright

    I really want to pass,I’ve have put my ged of long enough .

    • noreen vanve

      I am 56 taking for my 4th time

  • latonya green

    i pray i can pass this test!

  • chris colangelo

    i only have to take the math part i passed every other subject and just missed by 20 points in the math score. hope this site helps me improve my math score and finally receive my GED

    • shelby cobb

      Have this help you out?This my first time on here

    • Ross

      Same here but I was only 3 points shy. . . Is there a combined total we need to pass or is each section separately scored in the end?

  • antwon

    im still confuse about word problems it would of been more helpful with a couple examples of each of the different types of word problems

  • jacesmom

    Please god guide me threw this so I can pass!

    • David

      Amen!!!!!!! It yours” in name of Jesus

  • glenda jackson

    i really wish i could pass this test i have already taken it and did not pass

  • Katie

    I have to pass the GED test….I have put it off for way too long!

  • karen

    I am trying to pass my math on my ged and im just not getting it. may you plese help me. thank you

  • Aryonna

    Hi, i have took every other portion of the test n got 600 n all but math i got 400 everytime i take it.and i have one mre time to take it n i am terrified.. math has never been my strong suit annd im ready to start school already…Please help



  • maria

    I have passed all the other test except for the math. To me the reason why we all have problems with math is because no one hardly uses math anymore.
    May God help me pass the math portion of the test.

  • Rebeca

    Personally, I think the reason I’m not very good at Math, yet, is because I don’t know the basics of it. I don’t know if that’s what it is for you. Knowing the times table helps a lot! To learn Math, I believe it’s important to put in the effort, have patience reading and understanding the basics. Practice it until it makes sense to you. Hope I helped. 🙂

  • Jennifer G

    This is the only part of math i didnt really get other then division and all the other difficult things when i was in high school, adding subtracting and multiplying was like cutting cake [super easy] i hope this helps me pass the GED

  • Catresha

    This is the main problem right here! ,& I think that any math teacher out there would agree that,word problems&basic operations are the biggest issue,because not only do you need to know the steps of the basic operations,you also mainly need to know when where & how to apply them.

  • Catresha

    The test is more worded,& if you dont understand what their asking . It,s gonna be difficult.

  • tonya

    i pray this time around i will pass my math part ive passed everything else

  • kiddie

    I really hope and pray that I pass..im sorta confident but nervous at the same time and this is my third time and last chance to take the math portion of the test before 2014 or I’ll have to start all over…$150.00 and all….PLEASE GOD HELP ME X)

  • Seina

    I need help passing all the subjects , but I need questiobs that appear on the test

  • Drew

    I passed al the other subjects with 1 shot until today with Math & Word Problems, This is My last test I Failed with a 395 and 410 is the minimum I need or more if im lucky

  • Pinguin

    I have to take three tests. Math, reading and language. God Willing I will pass them. Thanks for this resource.

    • Anonymous

      All The Other Subjects Are Easy Except The Math

      • Catresha

        You got that right ! Wish I could do magic & give myself a passing score on the math !

  • Sedrika

    I Just Hope This Website Help Me As Much As Possible , Im Tryna Go Ahead An Get My GED Before Obama Change It Up Next Year . Im Praying That God Give Me The Wisdom An Knowledge Too Score High Tomorrow . Its All In The Lord Hands .

  • Tanya

    I passed everything but the math!!! the least you can get is 410 I got a 360… but my total score is 2440…. 🙁

  • Jay

    I take my test on Monday and I’m praying to God I pass. I passed everything else, but math is just not agreeing with mme. If I don’t pass by the end of the month I’ll have to start all over. I need some help please!!!

  • ruiz

    I’ve taken the math test 3 times and all 3 times my score is 400.

  • j03j03

    Seeing how many other people have failed the Math test just made this much more nerv wrecking for me. Math for me is literally like starring at another language. I have never been able to do it, and have somehow been able to avoid doing it all my school life. but obviously has put me in the situation where I am here trying to get my ged. I know how embarrassing it is not to be able to do it but at least you guys have came so close so I know you will pass your next time don’t be nervous. I however don’t even know how to do division nor most multiplication I’m screwed. I haven’t been in half the math classes I was suppose to be because I got kicked out than dropped out before I even got into any difficult classes or just skipped my math hours. I have to self teach all this stuff to myself and its driving me nuts. never ever ever let anyone drop out and become like this that you know my biggest regret.

  • daniel

    this is very clear to learn, basic word problems and when to use certain operations and there made clear what order of operations like P.E.M.D.A.S.

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